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A short lesson by active traders

Hey, guys, aren't you tired of summer holydays? According to the results of the polling held on our site, we've taken the decision to let our Forex signals providers speak to the clients of our company. We've asked traders about advice, that they could give to our Forex signals users and all people just beginning their Forex trading and eager to work out their own trading system and be a success.

So, today you're able to read the fist traders' short speeches to the clients - an active Forex signals provider Jolly11 is giving his advice specially for you guys! There you are:

Of course, one of the main things is learning to do money management, which will help you to avoid losing your deposit and keep you in a good mood for continuation of trading. The next thing you need to do is working out your own trading system based on positive mathematical expectation. It is said: "If you can't predict, how the market is going to move, your prediction is completely wrong". The trading system should be accurate and consistent. Always use stop-loss and take-profit in order not to lose big money and to exit the market with profit. Notice, that it's useless to put stop-loss smaller than 50 pips, because it will be eaten by the trend's movement very soon and you'll be quite disappointed (you see, I use higher stop-loss in my Forex signals).You are also to use all you analyst's skills to find out, when this or that tendency gonna begin. But never open a position in passed wave with the hope of earning some pips. You'd better analyze the market and find out the beginning of a new wave. And don't forget to follow the rules of your trading system, which is very important. Good luck!

And these is a piss of advice for newbies from one of our Forex signals providers, who is passing his testing period at the moment. Read and enjoy:

Firstly, find out, what currency pair "suits" you. Don't try to trade with big amount of pairs - 2 or 3 is enough. Otherwise you'll be lost among different news, parameters and so on. Secondly, don't lose your temper in case of loss. Sometimes you need to close a position with a loss in order not to lose the whole deposit. Thirdly, never take important decisions in a hurry! Fluctuation of the market will always take place, but being hurried can really damage your capital. Also don't forget to take a rest. If you had a loss, it's better to relax for a while and improve your trading system than start trading in a bad mood. And never retreat from your strategy rules. Try not to use more than 5% of your deposit for trading. Remember, that trading with big part of your deposit can easily lead to complete loss of your funds (such mistake is very often done by beginners.). So, keep trading and good luck!

That was only the beginning of our trader's talk to you guys. We'll continue asking our Forex signals providers about what they'd like to advice you. Next week you'll be able to read interview with one more active and successful traders. By the way, you're welcome to send us tickets with the questions you'd like our Forex signals providers to answer. A single question won't be left without an answer. So, keep an eye on our news.

August 3, 2009

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