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More strict control

Beginning from February 22nd the traders will be controlled more stictly. They won't be able to break the max drawdown for one lot mentioned in their trading strategy.

Our company woks beginning from 2005 and is trying to provide the best service to its clients. We want to make our FOREX Trading Systems the most easy and profitable. But unfortunately some traders sometimes break their max drawdown level for one lot, and we are interested in stopping that. So are our clients and good traders. Starting from February 22nd we are going to prevent the traders break max drawdown for one lot. A trader won't be able to break max drawdown level for one lot, because stop will be set automatically according to the max drawdown level claimed in the trader's strategy. For example, max drawdown for one lot in trader’s strategy is 130 pips. When he starts trade, the stop is put automatically 130 pips. The trader can make it 120 or 100, but not more than 130.

28 Febryary, 2009

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