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The Expert Advisor life span is prolonged

The Expert Advisor life span is prolonged with new ability added. This version (version 1.04 Beta Release) will be in use until the 1st of May 2008.

A new variable (CheckEmail) has been added to provide ability to set up the reference frequency (in sec) to your mail box for new signals. This new variable value is 60 sec on default. So, if you want your mailbox was checked for mail more frequently set up this variable to 30 or even 20 sec.

Please note that EA will check for mail every given time, but a query for it goes if only the currency it is attached to makes a movement. So, EA needs to be attached to one of the more volatile currency chart.

We would remind you that the Expert Advisor is a forex trading program mutually used with MT4 platform which executes automatically the forex signals sent by our forex traders. The current version of the Expert Advisor has been successfully maintained within almost a year and there haven’t been detected any bugs.

To know how to download the new version, check out the Expert Advisor’s page. Please, keep in mind that the previous version of the Expert Advisor lives until April 1, 2008 only. Then you will have to download the new one.

We welcome your feedback on GFSignals.com concerning to the Expert Advisor improvement and our service in the whole. Your comments and suggestions are very important to us.

Aprill 1, 2008

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Aprill 1, 2008 The Expert Advisor life span is prolonged

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