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Two more forex signals providers are available for subscription at our service

Since August, the 20th two more forex signals providers JWmaximizingrevenue and 118fx have been sending their signals in an active mode at GFSignals. And now their forex signals are available to subscribe to.

Their forex trading strategies are very different, but all of them are profitable.

JWmaximizingrevenue: the strategy is based on 90% technical and 10% fundamental analysis. Technical analysis is based on swing and range trading. The goal is to make 2000 pips a month using one lot per trade.

118fx: the strategy is based on Moving Averages crossing and stochastic oscillators, few mixed with Elliot waves. The positions are mostly opening as long term ones and of course considering all the fundamental factors, but trying to be closed about the important news.

And we again have Alice (average profit per week: +68 pips) sending signals for us: a short-term strategy - most of the trades are executed within the daily trading session. Usually uses market orders with SL & TP.

More by token two new traders who are currently passing through a testing stage will be available for subscription soon: DX_Trade (average profit per week: +72 pips) and CindySinclair (average profit per week: +285 pips). CindySinclair promised to give us forex signals for free for a week as soon as she is through the test. Keep an eye on our news.

Here are their results for the testing period:

118fx: +3141 pips (9 weeks)
JWmaximizingrevenue: +1381 pips (5 weeks)
Alice: +550 pips (8 weeks)
DX_Trade: +218 pips (3 weeks)
CindySinclair: +571 pips (2 weeks)

Pay attention at a new strategy of our forex trader Hunter (average profit per week: +421 pips). It is circumstantially described in his strategy rules concerning to every currency pair he is trading with. August 29, 2007

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August 29, 2007 Two more forex signals providers are available for subscription at our service

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