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Time-tested forex trader Wizard

It is more than two years now since experienced forex trader Wizard has started to provide his forex trading signals through our service. He has more than 10 years of experience trading Forex.

His 84 weeks from 108 ones that he has been sending his signals for Forex Signals Service are profitable and his profit for that period amounts to more than +18,000 pips what correspond to more than $180,000 in real Forex.

Wizard often trades with 6 lots. This is really dangerous. Most experienced traders won't use such a high leverage. In the other hand, high leverage can be good if you learn how to use it in your favor.

His strategy is as much risky as profitable. No risk, no reward. Everybody knows that a Forex trading strategy that allows having guaranteed profits does not exist. And there is no sense to try to win on every trade. It is simply not possible. And his trading strategy is very risky. That's why it is so profitable.

The whole history of Wizard's signals is available at our signals performance page. October 10, 2007

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