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What is Forex VPS (virtual private server)?
To say simply, VPS is just another computer, which is running on a hosted server. You are able to interact into it just in the same way you do with a usual Windows desktop on your laptop or PC. The difference is that you don't have to keep you computer on 27 hours 7 days a week and don't have to rely on the Internet connection, because all that is taken care by Forex hosting.

What do I get with Forex hosting?
Gravely speaking, registered with virtual private server you can get rid of all technical problems, which sometimes happen and can be quite dangerous for your account. So, with VPS you:

  • Don't worry about the Internet connection and keeping your PC on
  • Can install as many trading platforms as you like
  • Have your MT4 and Expert Advisor are working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Have Both MT4 and EA working independently from your PC. Even if your PC is off, MT4 and EA are working all right
  • Can monitor the performance on your trading account from everywhere without having MT4 installed
  • Are able to set MT4 and EA for any broker you like

What do we provide you in addition to the Forex VPS?
Having registered for hosting here, you get following additional bonuses from GFSignals:

  • Our mega-pro support team install our Expert Advisor (allows to have fully automated Forex trading signals of our trading systems)
  • Support team configure the EA for any broker you choose
  • You get a personal e-mail on our server specially for the Expert Advisor, which will make its work effective

How to get our special bonuses?

  • Get your VPS via this link
  • Contact us and tell what broker you would like to have the Expert Advisor configured to and what your account login is.
  • Get a subscription to Forex alerts of one of our trading systems and have them executed on your account completely automatically

So, if you want to protect your trading account from the technical problems, which don't depend on you, Forex hosting is an excellent possibility to do that. Why should you worry about the internet connection and energy issues? Let the professionals work on it! Get your Forex VPS and enjoy your trading!


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