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Long-term trading system with consistent profits.

We are focusing on quality over quantity.
In this particular trading strategy there will be no hidden losses.
What you see is what you get.

I expect to average 2500-3000 per month.
I honestly expect my total result to be atleast +32,000 with no floating or hidden losses in the next 12 months. (We will take it one trade, one week, one month, one year at a time).
Trade with me and you could profit from the same signals.

This strategy is based on technical analysis such as Elliot Wave, William Percent, and Stochastic indicators and some fundamental analysis.
This strategy is a conservative but aggressive strategy. It is conservative by the low amount of trades every month. It is aggressive by the amount of lots per trade.
Every trade will be executed at 6 lots.
We will only trade the GBP/JPY currency pair.

This is medium frequency trading, so we will provide you with 20 signals per month; most of the time lasting for hours or days.
This allows the email subscribers and Auto-trade subscribes to both benefit from my signals.

These signals are the same used to manage our private account.

Minimum account amount is $10,000.

*You can also use this strategy with $1600, $3200, or $5,000. Use the same buy or sell entry points but trade 2 lots per position if trading with $3,200. With $5,000; use the same buy or sell signals but trade 3 lots per position.Last but not least; with $1600 you can use the signals and trade at 1 lot per position. Follow the signals using strict risk management and you will have the $10,000 to use this strategy fully at no time.

YBEgroup - trading

  Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
2008 +26.2% -4.2% -10.6% +6.8% -20.6% +13% -26.6% +16.3% -22.6% -27.3%
2009 +72.2% +61.4% +38.4% +36.2% -56.8% +32.8% -66.9% -53.9% +53.6% +19.3% -10.9%
Get access to forex trading strategy
Pips $
Get access to forex trading strategy
Strategy Name YBEgroup
Date Started 2008-03-10
Number of weeks 88
Max concurrent lots 6
Max drawdown for 1 lot 285 (pips)
Min account amount $ 10000
Max drawdown for full amount 50 % 175.6%
Trading currencies GBP/JPY
Pips $
Total +6750 pips +$12529.75
Total profitability +125.30 %
Trades 404
Profitable Trades 184
Loss Trades 220
Win ratio 45 %
Maximum account level +17095 pips +$33140.66
Minimum account level -4950 pips +$12490.84
Max loss -16615 pips -$17565.69
Max loss (%) 175.60%
since 2009-05-06 to 2009-09-05
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