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currency trading is not for beginners. It takes years of skill, foresight and high degree of sophistication.

If Forex trading was as easy as the simple purchase of Forex day trading software , taking FX lessons or reading books here and there , BANKS ,BROKERAGE FIRMS AND BIG INVESTORS would have no need for professional currency traders, such as myself. Instead, anyone that wanted to learn Forex would rely upon the advice of a computer program or new indicators rather than employ the services of a professional foreign exchange currency trader that can do all the job for him /her.

as a professional forex trader i have been trading the FXMARKET for more than 6 years RECENTLY i decided sharing my experience as a signal provider here at GFTRADERS for additional income .

throughout my trading career i have developed 3 programs conservative aggressive and institutional program because i believe every trader is different with different risk appetite.

Trading approach:

Volume_Trader trading program was designed with the clear objective of combining a number of different short-term, conservative trading strategies in one trading model.

The model seeks to preserve and appreciate investors capital steadily and consistently.

Volume_Trader primarily trades the most volatile pairs (GBP/JPY} along with the Major G7 currencies Volume_Trader program will focus mainly on trading these currencies ,though Volume_Trader will not limit himself from trading other (exotic pairs) if the opportunities arise:

Volume_Trader combination of strategies are predominantly quantitative in nature, and utilize a wide selection of technical indicators.

Volume_Trader objective is to enter and exit all trades within the same day (with the focus being on minimizing the open market risk exposure both with regard to time and trade size.

Volume_Trader Risk Management Rules:

a trade is entered with the appropriate trade size, having a predetermined maximum amount being risked in
each and every trade. No trade will be entered without a protective stop loss.
Volume_Trader doesn't allow for clients to leverage their investments or positions and clients must follow the Volume_Trader position size strictly.

The leading objective of the program is preservation of capital through consistent, multi-strategic approach.
Volume_Trader seeks to achieve capital appreciation with a relatively low level of volatility and a low Drawdown levels (not exceeding 15% peak to valley historical )as well as low correlation with traditional asset classes (stocks and bonds).

Volume_Trader will pursue attractive risk-adjusted returns, with a high sharp ratio consistent with my leading objective of preservation of capital.

this system is designed to keep the drawdown at the lowest levels not exceeding 15%Max peak to valley drawdown (historical) ,and suitable for conservative traders who are looking for steady reasonable annual income therefore the system utilizes the most profitable movements in the Forex Markets using quantative analysis combined with Mathimatic analysis,entry point based on specific technical levels.

this signal is very selective in generating trades ,20 to 55 trades are generated per month ,because Volume_Trader identifies the most reliable Volume times with good tech setups to initiate the Trade.

Volume_Trader trades the London,and US sesion most of the time, but when Volume_Trader spot an OPPORTUNITY in asian session ,he will go for it immediately.

Volume_Trader - Forex trading

  Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
2010 +2.2% +2.3% (+2.2%)
Get access to forex trading strategy
Pips $
Get access to forex trading strategy
Strategy Name Volume_Trader
Date Started 2010-02-22
Number of weeks 9
Max concurrent lots 1
Max drawdown for 1 lot 75 (pips)
Min account amount $ 5000
Max drawdown for full amount 15 % OK
Pips $
Total +318 pips +$340.43
Total profitability +6.81 %
Trades 45
Profitable Trades 31
Loss Trades 14
Win ratio 68 %
Maximum account level +324 pips +$5347.17
Minimum account level +67 pips +$5073.7
Max loss -140 pips -$154
Max loss (%) 3.00%
since 2010-03-18 to 2010-04-08
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