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I have been trading since 2002. Throughout that time there were good and bad periods, like in the performance of every Forex trader. I’ve mastered my skills and now the prediction of the trend’s moving isn’t really difficult thing. As the result more than 75% of my predictions are right and are executed. That’s the result of my trading experience and knowledge.

While trading I use synergetic Forex method. The point is, that the more indicators show some prediction of the trend’s moving the more certain the prediction is. But the indicators should be completely different in their content and structure. Otherwise they are just a kind of copy of Forex indicators. The indicators I use in trading are developed by myself. They can’t be found anywhere more in the world.

The trading is done with only 3 currency pairs. And 3 orders are opened per each one. So, the maximum is 9 orders. The Forex orders have the same stop-loss, but different take-profits. Maximum drawdown for 3 years of my trading was not more than 3500 pips. So I recommend you to use the Forex deposit at least of $6000. At this rate max drawdown is determined as 60%.

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