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My strategy is trending,intraday trading,based on pivot points,RSI and stochastics.I don't use channels or Fibonacci retracement etc.I use always one lot.My goal is at least 100 to 200 pips per month.Time when I enter trades: 12.00 GMT - 15.00 GMT.I usually open pending orders.I use fundamental and technical analysis.I work after the important news comes out.The average term of my trades is 5 hours.For analysis of the market I use the New York session.I determine the levels of Take-profit and Stop-loss with the stochastics.I don't change my strategy in some way due to the moving of the market.Everyone can use my signals.If your account amount is $3500 you have to trade with 40000 units from the base currency.My strategy is conservative,with low risk.Risk/Reward ratio - at least 1:1.5.I give signals one time per day.

profitFX - FX system

  Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
2010 +2.3% +4.4% -2% -6%   (-)
Get access to forex trading strategy
Pips $
Get access to forex trading strategy
Strategy Name ProfitFX
Date Started 2010-02-08
Number of weeks 22
Max concurrent lots 1
Max drawdown for 1 lot 30 (pips)
Min account amount $ 3500
Max drawdown for full amount 30 % OK
Trading currencies GBP/USD
Pips $
Total -46 pips -$46
Total profitability -1.31 %
Trades 42
Profitable Trades 20
Loss Trades 22
Win ratio 47 %
Maximum account level +236 pips +$3736
Minimum account level -46 pips +$3454
Max loss -282 pips -$282
Max loss (%) 8.00%
since 2010-04-06 to 2010-05-29
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