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At the moment there are a lot of means of getting profit. Some guys are offering investing into retirement funds or banks, providing miserable account growth. At the same time a lot of people advertise getting rich in a week with the help of their new method. Both these advertisements seem to be the waste of time and money, which they actually are.

But there’s one interesting way to get pretty good account growth. Of course, it can seem a risky one. Forex is a serious thing, really. And even executing the signals you need to be careful. But isn’t average monthly account growth of 15% worth a bit of risking? At the moment I’m using the trading system called “Oskar” on the real account and it seems to be quite good one.

The Forex trading system and is based on Elliot wave theory. The level of risk in the signals and positions is as small as possible and the profit level is quite high. Maximum drawdown experienced on the account throughout the time of using the Forex signals of the Oskar trading system is 10%.

The main Forex trend direction is determined with the use of technical analysis on H1 and daily timeframes. At the same time the trading is usually done on one minute timeframe with taking into consideration the main trend direction analyzed before. Usually the signals Forex are given according tot the following trading rules.
The first “sell” position is usually opened with 1 lot and at the maximum overbuying Forex point (the end of the 5th wave). The “buy” position is opened also with 1 lot but at the overselling point (also the end of the 5th wave).

The second 1 lot position (as well as the signals) is opened in the same direction as the first, but only if the price breaks through the overbuying or overselling level by 5-10 pips. The third 1 lot position is opened in the same situation as the second one. There can be maximum four 1-lot Forex positions opened at the same time. The stop-loss is usually set at the point of 50 pips, which provides keeping to very strict risk-management strategy
If the trend is moving in the right direction, just according to the predictions, the stop-losses are transferred to the open point of the last opened position. The Forex signals of the Oscar trading strategy can be used by almost everyone, because the minimum Forex account required for following the signals is $2000. If your account is larger, just increase the number of lots you execute the signals with.

oskar_h - FX trading

  Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
2009 +7.3%
2010 +11.6% -0.5% (-0.7%)
Get access to forex trading strategy
Pips $
Get access to forex trading strategy
Strategy Name Oskar_h
Date Started 2009-12-21
Number of weeks 14
Max concurrent lots 4
Max drawdown for 1 lot 50 (pips)
Min account amount $ 2000
Max drawdown for full amount 10 % 14.9%
Pips $
Total +352 pips +$352
Total profitability +17.60 %
Trades 175
Profitable Trades 124
Loss Trades 51
Win ratio 70 %
Maximum account level +568 pips +$2568
Minimum account level +5 pips +$2005
Max loss -298 pips -$298
Max loss (%) 14.90%
since 2010-02-11 to 2010-03-27
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