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Day trades to short term swings.

Trading hours will be from 2AM to noon EST. These hours are flexible and will not be strictly adhered to. I trade opportunities which may arise at anytime, but generally these are the hours I'm intensely watching the market.

Trading frequency will not be based on time parameters but rather trade setups that are present. If a trade does not exist, a trade will not be entered.

Max risk per trade should be no more than 2.5% of your account.

This signal account is for active traders only. Although I will try to send out limit orders, the market will dictate the time and price of the trades I will enter. Please beware of the rapid entries, stops, and target changes that are associated with this signal service.

Stops are the most important part to any trading strategy. Please honor them.


  Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
2011 -0.6% +9.9% +1.4% +5.4% -7.2%
Get access to forex trading strategy
Pips $
Get access to forex trading strategy
Strategy Name MartinM
Date Started 2011-06-13
Number of weeks 19
Max concurrent lots 1
Max drawdown for 1 lot 50 (pips)
Min account amount $ 2000
Max drawdown for full amount 50 % OK
Trading currencies EUR/USD, EUR/CHF
Pips $
Total +90 pips +$90
Total profitability +4.50 %
Trades 43
Profitable Trades 25
Loss Trades 18
Win ratio 58 %
Maximum account level +281 pips +$2281
Minimum account level -46 pips +$1954
Max loss -191 pips -$191
Max loss (%) 9.50%
since 2011-10-11 to 2011-10-29
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