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The "LRLSystems" Trading Strategy follows a Williams %R calculation on the Weekly ... Daily and primarily the 4H Chart to catch Swings on both sides of the current Dominant Trend. This System uses a combination of Oscillators to measure overbought and oversold extensions of these Swings in order to (1) reduce the risk of being stopped out (which is why the stop-loss can be set at a minimum of 57 pips on every Trade taken) and (2) to ride along for more than 67% of any intermediate or intraweek Swing. All Positions are entered and exited with confirmation of Parabolic SAR Dots and MACD on the 15 min Chart ... with 4H Williams %R calculated confirmation ... once these Swing extensions have fulfilled in both Time and Price, making this System effective as a Reversal Trading Strategy ... catching both Tops and Bottoms of these Swings.

LRLSystems - Forex Trading Strategy

Pips $ %
2009-05-11 - 2009-05-15 +183 +$156.1 +13
2009-05-04 - 2009-05-08 -190 -$159.77 -13.31
2009-04-27 - 2009-05-01 -217 -$183.2 -15.26
2009-04-20 - 2009-04-24 +261 +$210.83 +17.56
Strategy Name LRLSystems
 Max concurrent lots3
 Max drawdown for 1 lot57 (pips)OK
 Min account amount$ 1200
Max drawdown for full amount15 %57.4%
Trading currenciesUSD/CAD
All Time Last 4 Weeks
 Pips  $
 Date Started2009-04-20
 Number of weeks4
Total+37 pips+$23.96
Total profitability+2%
Avg. per week+9 pips+$5.99
Avg. Weekly profitability+0.5%
Profitable Trades44
Loss Trades45
Win ratio49 %
Maximum account level+349 pips+$1482.99
Minimum account level-467 pips+$793.84
Max loss-816 pips-$689.15
Max loss (%)57.40%
since 2009-04-24 to 2009-05-09
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