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Hi All!

This is Intraday trading Strategy (in mostly from half-hour to several hours).

We have limited Your risks on 40% from deposit. But this much exaggerated numeral, with big stocks. System possesses least risk (You can see history of my trades, it is the best indicator).

This is a System for one lot, but if You want, You can use two or three lot’s, but this enlarges your risk (it’s OK if You have deposit more 1000$, 2500$ for example). How it work for three lot’s…

When You see a signal on buy(sell), Buy(sell) 3 lot’s and close 2/3 of your lot’s when motion is slowed. (for Example: I have bought on 1.4555 …market go up and the motion is slowed on 1.4585… CLOSE two from three your lot’s!!!). You may leave one lot on "future", possible, the motion lasts. BUT!!! Set stop-loss(limit) on 1.4555.
Conclusion: You Have a profit from two lot’s and one lot without loss (stop-loss on place of the entry in market 1.4555) If the motion continue, close remained lot when the market is slowed. REMEMBER, THAN MORE LOT’S THAT MORE RISK'S!!! RISK for one lot in this trading strategy limited on 100 pips... for three are 300 pips.

The type of my Signals is trade on breakout.

The Time when I send a signal’s: 1am – 2am; 5am – 7am ; 10am – 4pm (Greenwich), three – five times at week.

Usually I’m opening position’s on current price.

That's all that You must know about trading Strategy. Sorry for my ENG and Good Luck!!!

koocher - trading Forex

  Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
2009 +11% -3.6% +17.8% +9.3%
2010 -8.7% +0.8% (-10%)
Get access to forex trading strategy
Pips $
Get access to forex trading strategy
Strategy Name Koocher
Date Started 2009-09-21
Number of weeks 27
Max concurrent lots 1
Max drawdown for 1 lot 100 (pips)
Min account amount $ 1000
Max drawdown for full amount 40 % OK
Trading currencies EUR/USD
Pips $
Total +166 pips +$166
Total profitability +16.60 %
Trades 53
Profitable Trades 37
Loss Trades 16
Win ratio 69 %
Maximum account level +458 pips +$1458
Minimum account level -80 pips +$920
Max loss -292 pips -$292
Max loss (%) 29.20%
since 2010-01-19 to 2010-03-06
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