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Wed when the U.S. job report is updated, the Euro and US pairs will show increased volitility. The Ausie and US pairs are moving in sync with the Euro US.
The Euro us pair broke support, though the fundementals I am receiving inform me that with a poor US employment report the Euro will move above support and move towards resisttance very quickly.
The increased volititility especially overnight infroms me that the Euro and US pair as well the Ausie and US pairs are not at all easy to scalp.
Therefore I am avoiding further trades until Wed.
Indicators RSI , Macd can support your trades, though with increased volitility it is better to conserve your capital and await a upside trend in the Euro , Euro US pair.

I use countertrending and trending. My trades are short term in the counter trend respect and long term in following the trend.
My aim is eventually long term to follow the trend because the trend is your friend.
I countertrend for small shortterm scalps, and long term trend for huge moves into the trend.
I obey the consensus.
Fundemental concensus as well technical.
I scalp counter trend short term against the fundementals therefore providing less paralysis by too much analysis and then further scalp into the trend providing increased technical and fundemental analysis to further scalp much and pursue a long term position.
I prefer to trade the Aussie and US pairs as opposed to the Euro and US pair. though will consider both simultaneously.

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