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Trades are taken based on trend following/countering, S/R levels, price actions along with some fundamental analysis. We trade intraday and sometimes longterm so SL can be as little as 40 pips/lot or as high as 200 pips/lot depending on the trade. Our profit targets are typically between 30 pips to 150 pips. Usually, profits are taken at major S/R levels.

Entries are often divided into 2 lots with 2 different entries. Sometimes we will use 3 lots for 3 different entries. SL is 130 pips per lot if 3 lots are used. Hence keeping maximum risk on each trade at around 400 pips.

Signals are delivered any time during the 24-hr period. We constantly monitor the market and we will pull the trigger if we see a good trade. We use both market orders and pending orders. We try our best to avoid trading during major news releases such as NFP and interest rates so most of the time we won't be entering trades half an hour before and after those news releases.

We recommend traders to have at least $3000 starting out using minilots. If you have $30,000, then use standard lots.


Pips $
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Strategy Name Hmpham
Date Started 2010-01-04
Number of weeks 2
Max concurrent lots 3
Max drawdown for 1 lot 200 (pips)
Min account amount $ 3000
Max drawdown for full amount 35 % OK
Trading currencies USD/JPY, GBP/USD, GBP/JPY
Pips $
Total +234 pips +$253.42
Total profitability +8.45 %
Trades 17
Profitable Trades 11
Loss Trades 6
Win ratio 64 %
Maximum account level +290 pips +$3315.02
Minimum account level -47 pips +$2948.77
Max loss -134 pips -$147.4
Max loss (%) 4.90%
since 2010-01-15 to 2010-01-16
Pips $ %
2010-01-11 - 2010-01-15 +124 +$135.51 +4.51%
2010-01-04 - 2010-01-08 +110 +$117.91 +3.93%
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