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I provide intraday trading signals i.e. a signal per day.

My signals are low risk signals as proper and carefully scrutinized analyses are being done by my team of seasoned professionals.

This particular signal service is a single position trading with a minimum trading account of $1000. We are quite considerate about leverages and margin requirements by your respective broker, so we do not intend to overload your account creating room for the possibility of a Margin Call.

My system takes advantage of intraday trends that occur on a daily chart of each currency on a weekly basis. You may not see them, my system detects them right before it happens.

My trading signal(s) is given out once daily at around 6.00GMT to 11.00GMT.

I employ a set-and-forget system which means you do not have to stay glued watching the charts all day. It takes away the tension, anxiety and of course protects your eyes. But we require you to be on the alert within the set time as we open market orders. If the time seems odd to you, you can employ the EA system provided on this site: http://www.gfsignals.com/automated_forex_trading_signals.html

I do much of technical analysis and a little of fundamental analysis which still kind of give me the best of results.

My signal(s) average +100 pips daily.

My signals is available for beginners, investors, institutional traders as well as financial institutions.

N.B: You can communicate with me via the ticket section. I would be glad to get back to you.

Together, we can fly!


  Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
2010 +25.6% -29.9%
Get access to forex trading strategy
Pips $
Get access to forex trading strategy
Strategy Name Greenpips2
Date Started 2010-01-18
Number of weeks 5
Max concurrent lots 1
Max drawdown for 1 lot 200 (pips)
Min account amount $ 1000
Max drawdown for full amount 20 % 29.9%
Pips $
Total -50 pips -$43.62
Total profitability -4.36 %
Trades 8
Profitable Trades 4
Loss Trades 4
Win ratio 50 %
Maximum account level +243 pips +$1255.87
Minimum account level -50 pips +$956.38
Max loss -293 pips -$299.49
Max loss (%) 29.90%
since 2010-02-02 to 2010-02-13
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