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The strategy I named "GBPtrader" is based on fundamental analysis and MACD, RSI. Always trading 1 lot with 33 pips stop loss.Risk to Reward ratio: always 1:1.5.You have to trade with $40,000 lot. I never have more than 1 trade position opened,so your lot is easy going to $40,000.Hours,when I enter trades: always 12.00 GMT - 16.00 GMT.You don't have to sit all day or night in front of your computer.My trading experience: 5 years.I am a full time trader.
IMPORTANT: Since today(29 august,2009) I am changing the time frame of the charts I am watching for my technical analysis.


  Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
2009 -0.7% -6% -3.9%
Get access to forex trading strategy
Pips $
Get access to forex trading strategy
Strategy Name GBPtrader
Date Started 2009-06-22
Number of weeks 16
Max concurrent lots 1
Max drawdown for 1 lot 33 (pips)
Min account amount $ 2500
Max drawdown for full amount 48 % OK
Trading currencies GBP/USD
Pips $
Total -267 pips -$267
Total profitability -10.68 %
Trades 42
Profitable Trades 25
Loss Trades 17
Win ratio 59 %
Maximum account level +50 pips +$2550
Minimum account level -267 pips +$2233
Max loss -317 pips -$317
Max loss (%) 12.60%
since 2009-07-08 to 2009-09-19
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