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The emphasis of our trading method is on understanding the underlying reason for market moves. With that in mind, we will look to analyse the daily bias on a currency pair and attempt to capture as much as we can from a move. Although we use technicals to pick our trades, we do not take trades purely because the price is moving, this is highly profitable strategy that should help you make money month after month. Please not that it is impossible to replicate our results if you regularly miss trades or fail to execute trades exactly the way our signals suggest. We will mostly open positions with one lot and add to it if conditions warrant. Although we would like to have the flexibility of being able to hold more than one lot at a time, remember that you can use our signals with any number of lots you wish provided you make the necessary adjustments according to your account size. PLEASE REMEMBER THAT YOU CAN TRADE OUR SIGNALS WITH ANY ACCOUNT SIZE. All you need to do is adjust the risk to a level you are happy with. In general, you should be ok to risk 5% of your account with our signals. Stick to our signals and we will make pips together. Thanks.

Fxwhiz - Forex Trading Strategy

Pips $ %
2009-05-11 - 2009-05-15 +54 +$54 +1.8
Strategy Name Fxwhiz
 Max concurrent lots3
 Max drawdown for 1 lot300 (pips)OK
 Min account amount$ 3000
Max drawdown for full amount35 %OK
All Time Last 4 Weeks
 Pips  $
 Date Started2009-05-11
 Number of weeks1
Total+54 pips+$54
Total profitability+1.8%
Avg. per week+54 pips+$54
Avg. Weekly profitability+1.8%
Profitable Trades3
Loss Trades1
Win ratio75 %
Maximum account level+54 pips+$3054
Minimum account level+29 pips+$3029
Max loss-7 pips-$7
Max loss (%)0.20%
since 2009-05-13 to 2009-05-15
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