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I trade based on technical analysis that utilizes support and resistance levels. I will apply some statistics when computing entry points so that they can serve as support and resistance. When entering a trade, I can use both market and limit orders whenever necessary, but mostly market orders will be used. I am not going to set specific stop-loss level for every trade, as I am going to leave it at the default stop loss level of 400 pips. The reason I do so is because I am not going to trade directional or try to be on the trending side, rather I will try to manage up to 6 lots of positions as one big position so I will need some room to operate without being restricted by stop-loss. 6 lots will be used in a manner where I will apply scaling and/or hedging to some extent. For example, I enter a trade buying EUR/USD with one lot, say the trade keeps going against me, I might add second lot buying EUR/USD, up until having 6 lots maximum, or I can buy and sell other pairs after buying EUR/USD with one lot as the first trade, if I see it is more favorable to buy GBP/USD rather than buying EUR/USD I will do so, or I can sell GBP/USD as the second trade entry with one lot after buying EUR/USD as the first trade entry. So, I will work the position possibly with also different pairs having up to 6 lots maximum. Mostly signals will be provided during New York session. My trades can take up to several days to close. I will not enter trades on the spot when economic news get released. I suggest starting with small lot sizes until getting familiar with the system.

Drum2009 - Forex

  Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
2009 +5.3% +16.7% -26.3%
2010 -6.8% -13.1% (-24.1%)
Get access to forex trading strategy
Pips $
Get access to forex trading strategy
Strategy Name Drum2009
Date Started 2009-10-19
Number of weeks 23
Max concurrent lots 6
Max drawdown for 1 lot 400 (pips)
Min account amount $ 4800
Max drawdown for full amount 50 % 76.5%
Pips $
Total -2432 pips -$2320.24
Total profitability -48.34 %
Trades 112
Profitable Trades 69
Loss Trades 43
Win ratio 61 %
Maximum account level +1405 pips +$6154.24
Minimum account level -2432 pips +$2479.76
Max loss -3837 pips -$3674.48
Max loss (%) 76.50%
since 2009-12-11 to 2010-03-27
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