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My fibonacci Forex trading strategy is intraday.

I give forex signals only when i see a "sure" trade, which should under normal market conditions hit the target point. this may be 3-5 signals/week maximum.

U will see hardly pending orders, coz market conditions change often mostly coz of news, expected and unexpected ones. Therefore i prefer signals which can be traded same time, and hit the target within hours.

Max trades are up to 5 trades/week and the best for me time to analyse the market is during the Japan session hours, when the new trading day starts. (at 00.00 GMT)

The tools i use in my Forex strategy is a combination of the daily fibonacci points and pivots, aswell as a combined tool of the moving avarage+stochastic+macd. Is simple and easy to use and to understand.

I enter the maket according to the closing candles of the 1h and 4h chart timeframes. This will show me the trend of a pair for the next hours. When i decide to close a position earlier then the expected target point, its because i see a trend reversal during my open position. Therefore i may close a trade earlier to keep some win, and avoid to hit my stoploss. Money management is the key! Trade less, earn more! My strategy is well tested for years.

My signals can be tested for all traders who like to earn with professional trading system, who are not greedy, do not like to gamble and see in Forex trading a second steady income /monthly, according to their invested capital. Its not the trick to make much pips and loose them again, but a good trader is the one who 1. stopps loosing in the forex market, 2. the one who knows how to keep his wins, and 3. the one who increases his capital step by step like my fibonacci Forex trading strategy.

I wish u a profitable trading!!

DSFXTrading - fibonacci Forex trading strategy

  Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
2010 +11.3% +18.6% +22.4% -8.4% -21.2% +9.3%
2011 -22.7% +19.4% +3.1% +19.5% -30.1%   -
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Pips $
Get access to forex trading strategy
Strategy Name DSFXTrading
Date Started 2010-07-05
Number of weeks 55
Max concurrent lots 1
Max drawdown for 1 lot 300 (pips)
Min account amount $ 2000
Max drawdown for full amount 30 % 54.2%
Trading currencies EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/CHF
Pips $
Total +440 pips +$425.08
Total profitability +21.25 %
Trades 148
Profitable Trades 101
Loss Trades 47
Win ratio 68 %
Maximum account level +1272 pips +$3269.76
Minimum account level -107 pips +$1890.76
Max loss -1067 pips -$1084.58
Max loss (%) 54.20%
since 2010-10-19 to 2011-02-05
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