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The trading strategy is base on a very simple system. Signals are sent with exact entry orders (usually far enough for subscribers ot have enough time to place the order) combined with immediate stop loss levels (max 50 pips per 1 lot). The profit orders are sometimes displayed immediately but not always due to a flexible market adaptation strategy.(yet, updates for profit levels, updates are sent through out the day, if determined) The max concurrent lots is 6. In general, the orders shall be placed with 2 lots. In some cases if a multiple position is built up on the same currency, either averaging up or down, the first trade might be with 1 lot with additional lots added to average up or down. In cases of very high volatility, the initial orders may also be 1 lot to avoid whipping price action. The strategy is based on the combination of the following parametres: Technical analysis Price action Flow information from banks Info on order books The strategy is "discretionary" hence aimed to be very adaptable to the ongoing change of market conditions and volatility. Im essence, flexibility allows for identification of scenarios such as; Break-out and counter-trend setups. The trading time frame is intraday between the times of 6.30 AM - 12.00 PM (GMT) Trades will only occur from Monday-Thursday (no trading on fridays). All trades are closed the same day. (no overnight positions) The frequency of trades may vary from week to week. Although, on a busy day, 5-6 signals may be sent.

DDDQ8 - Forex Trading Strategy

Pips $ %
2009-05-11 - 2009-05-15 -20 -$29.2 -0.58
2009-05-04 - 2009-05-08 +368 +$366.6 +7.33
Strategy Name DDDQ8
 Max concurrent lots6
 Max drawdown for 1 lot50 (pips)OK
 Min account amount$ 5000
Max drawdown for full amount20 %OK
All Time Last 4 Weeks
 Pips  $
 Date Started2009-05-04
 Number of weeks2
Total+348 pips+$337.4
Total profitability+6.75%
Avg. per week+174 pips+$168.7
Avg. Weekly profitability+3.37%
Profitable Trades13
Loss Trades8
Win ratio61 %
Maximum account level+468 pips+$5452.6
Minimum account level+12 pips+$5010.6
Max loss-340 pips-$333.6
Max loss (%)6.60%
since 2009-05-06 to 2009-05-07
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