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New profitable systems

Returning money for Forex alerts!

GFSignals is now offering a possibility to get money for Forex alerts back! Just subscribe to any trading system for a month and get the cost of the subscription back. Can you believe it? Just see how it works:

  1. You open an account with InstaForex via this link and fund it with minimum $150
  2. Then you choose a trading system you like on our website, get a monthly subscription to its alerts, and contact us
  3. After that will you get the full subscription cost ($150) back on your Forex account
  4. Besides that, you get 30% starting bonus !!! from InstaForex (also on your account)


So, it is as simple as that: if you open an account of $1000 and subscribe to our alerts for $150, you get not only $150 on your account, but also $300 bonus. Summing that all up, it turns out, that you account will be not $1000, but $1450. Hey, without making a single trade you can have your account increased by 45%! And don't forget that you also get a month of high-quality Forex alerts by professional traders! Isn't it nice?


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