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Short Forex signals week

The previous week wasn’t very active, just as it has been predicted before. The main reason for that was the fact, that many market participants (including successful Forex Signals providers) started their Christmas and New Year vacations. At this rate market wasn’t as volatile as 2 weeks ago. The main currency pairs were moving in the narrow channel without serious attempts to break through its borders.

That week is expected just to repeat the situation once again. The point is, that just like the previous one, it’s one day shorter than usual and even not so reach in Forex news. The market participants (traders, Forex signals developers, investors, etc.), who didn’t start their vacations last week, are likely to do it now, which can also have an impact on the situation on the trading market. The latest news on the new home sales in the USA showed the tendency of the American economics to improving, which made USD to suppress its rivals. Due to that lots of Forex signals givers started to buy USD pretty active, but that really hasn’t big influence on the entire situation.

What concerns news that week, it’s necessary to admit, that there won’t be much to release and it’s not likely to be the factor to influence the market very much. The only important releases to be taken into consideration by Forex signals providers, investors and other trading market participants are: consumer price index in Germany, Euro-zone M3 money supply, initial jobless claims and a number of indices in the USA. Due to that EUR/USD is likely to go down to the level of about 1.4200 and GBP/USD might fall even to the point of 1.5800.

by Jonathan Halprid
December 28, 2009
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