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Forex trading signals: market silence

Trading on Thursday turned out to be just like on the previous day – on Wednesday. As it had been predicted, all the market participants, including investors, traders and Forex trading signals providers were pretty active at first about selling USD and then buying it. But one of the most interesting things was, of course, the reaction of many Forex trading signals system developers to the Forex news from the USA. The deficit of US trade balance reduced just like the number of continuing jobless claims, which was the factor to drive the market a little bit crazy – some participants started investing into high-yield currencies, the other, vice versa, decided to support the recovery of US economics and buy USD. The improvements on the American labour market may lead to FRS increase the interest rate, but not very soon.

Due to that, Euro and the British pound were just to repeat their Wednesday’s rivalry against USD. So, EUR/USD at first went down to the level of 1.4682, then began to rise up and reached the day’s maximum of 1.4759, but finished the trading day at 1.4731. GBP/USD was to be just in the same situation, the only difference is in numbers: the price fell to 1.6213, then went up to 1.6345 and the trading day was finished at about 1.6282. So, we’ve seen 2 crosses.

On Friday, December 11, 2009, the main news to be taken into consideration by Forex trading signals developers, traders and investors is the release of US business inventories and advance retail sales. Another important info is to come from The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland: Producers Price Index input, Producers Price Index output and the speech of Mr. Trichet in London.

Due to that the providers of Forex trading signals and other investors can expect the slight fall down of high-yield currencies against USD. For example, EUR/USD may go down a little bit and even just be trading around 1.4700. At the same time GBP/USD might go up a little bit to the level of about 1.6330.

by Jonathan Halprid
December 11, 2009
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