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On Monday, which appeared to be the first day of the new trading week (pretty strange fact, I’d like to admit) the situation on the market was quite active. The most market participants (Forex Signals providers included) were influenced by the positive news from Europe and by the tendency to buy high-yield currencies, which brought USD down a little bit. At this rate it could be admitted, that EUR/USD rose up to the level of 1.4385, where it finished the trading day. GBP/USD also went up and managed to close at 1.6345, which is pretty good for the British currency. But some Forex signals developers and traders have tendency to save USD, waiting for its going high in the nearest future.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010, doesn’t seem to be very news-rich day. There isn’t really much important data to be released. The only information, which is awaited by almost all Forex signals users and market providers is the USA Net Long-term TIC Flows and maybe the retail price index and consumer price index, coming from the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Taking into consideration all that, the Forex signals system developers can expect the EUR/USD to fall down to the level of about 1.4350 and GBP/USD is, vice versa, likely to continue growing and to reach the trading point of 1.6400.

by Jonathan Halprid
January 19, 2010
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