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On Tuesday, January 6, 2010, the trading on Forex market appeared to be pretty messy. All market participants including Forex signals providers and other traders, were trying to follow the entire tendencies. The rivals of USD were suppressed once again because of the good economic news from the United States of America and support from Forex Signals system developers. It appeared that the economics of the USA continued its recovery, which helped USD to strengthen its position on the Forex market and among the most authoritative Forex signals providers. At this rate EUR/USD finished the trading day at the level of about 1.4350 and GBP/USD managed to fall down lower than important psychological level 1.6000.

Due to that today, on Wednesday, the American currency (USD for short) is likely to push its main rivals – GBP and EUR down at least a little bit with the help of positive Forex news once again. All market users and even Forex signals forecasters are expecting big moving in the price ranges. It’s likely that Wednesday will be pretty crazy day. At first EUR/USD and GBP/USD are expected to fall down to 1.4281 and 1.5943 agreeably. But then Forex signals users and providers are likely to observe a recovery. At this rate EUR/USD might finish the Forex trading day at about 1.4325 and GBP/USD can go rith to the level of 1.5990.

by Jonathan Halprid
January 6, 2010
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