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USD will continue recovery

On Tuesday, as it has been predicted in yesterday’s Forex analysis USD managed to push Euro down. That was the result of fall stock indices and prices for raw materials. And the low values of US industrial production also made investors and Forex signals providers buy USD quite actively. At the same time, the main news to support USD growth was data on Net Long-term TIC Flows in the USA, which showed the international capital flows of $133.5 milliard in the United States.

Due to that EUR/USD was to fall down for 190 pips and reach the minimum of 1.4807. But by the end of the Forex trading day Euro managed to suppress USD a bit and rise to the level of 1.4862. At the same time GBP/USD fell down a bit, but failed all attempts to go down or up more, having ended the trading day at 1.6802.

As you see, the world economics tries to recover, and this recovery can last for quite a long time. But the main fact is, that it takes place now. Investors and Forex signals system developers begin to buy USD instead of high-risky currencies. Due to that the recovery of USD will continue, but not very fast one. The situation in world economics will improve step by step.

On Wednesday, November 18, 2009 the main news to be taken into consideration by Forex signals developers, traders and investors is the release of consumer price index and housing starts in the USA. And the Bank’s of England Release Minutes of Interest Rate Decision can influence the situation on the market and behaviour of Forex signals providers as well.

Due to that EUR/USD can do a bit of correction and go up to 1.4920, GBP/USD might rise up to 1.6900 in case of the British news on interest rates are positive. At the same time USD/JPY is expected to be trading between 89.50-88.50.

by Jonathan Halprid
November 18, 2009
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