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Due to the latest Forex trading news and events it can be admitted, that the recovery of USD is quite possible. In spite of speeches of different Central Banks’ heads, the investors’ desire to buy high-risky currency reduces because of quite unstable situation in the world economics. At the moment the American government is interested in weak USD, but it won’t last long. And European economics can be ruined by strong Forex positions of Euro against the American currency. At this rate it could be supposed that some actions can be done to stop the rise of EUR in order to save the economy of Euro-zone.

Speaking about news, it should be said, that there will be quite an amount of news released this week, and they will be extremely important as they may change the situation on the trading market quickly. For example, the data Euro-zone GDB, unemployment rate, retail sales and PMI is to come out this week. And ECB is to carry out the decision on interest rates, which are predicted to remain on the same level. In the USA there will be also some important news released – Fed’s Beige book publication, unemployment rate and ADP employment change. But the main information will come out on Friday, December, 4 – the news on change in USA nonfarm payrolls. All that stuff can make USD Forex rise extremely quickly as well as bring it down in a moment.

On Monday, November 30, 2009, the trading can turn out to be not very active, because there won’t be much news released on the first day of the Forex trading week. So, it can be said that EUR/USD might go up to 1.5100, but the fall down a little bit. GBP/USD is likely to rise to about 1.6600, but after that USD can also push its rival down.

by Jonathan Halprid
January 1, 1970
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