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Forex signals news: EUR beats USD up!

Yesterday was marked by the fall of GBP against bucks to the level of 1.6132 during the European session and it’s return to 1.6200 by the end of the trading day. EUR/USD ended the day at the level of 1.4680, USD/JPY – 92.00, USD/CHF – 1.0320.

Now, the most traders and Forex signals providers are waiting for the news coming from Pittsburg, where the meeting of the Big 20 will held very soon. Without any doubt the news will have enormous influence on the situation on the market and actions of Forex signals providers.

Really, the rise of EUR against USD is expected because the upward tendencies of the united European currency are getting stronger and stronger. GBP is also to bring US Dollar down and return to the level of 1.6400. At the same time USD can continue suppressing the Japanese and Swiss currencies in the nearest future.

The most important news on Tuesday, that are to be taken into consideration by all Forex signals providers and traders are: the changes in the volume of Retail sales in Canada, Richmond Fed Manufacture Index, USA House Price Index and API U.S. Crude Oil Inventories.

For the basic currency pairs Forex signals providers should expect the following rages: EUR/USD – 1.4650-1.4830, GBP/USD – 1.6140-1.6450, USD/JPY – 91.30-92.70, USD/CHF – 1.0280-1.0360.

by Jonathan Halprid
September 22, 2009
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